Technical Data for Lighttools® Soft Egg Crates® to fit Lightbanks

Light distribution from diffusers with Lighttools® to fit Soft Egg Crates® (Beam spread defined as the variation of light within a 2 stop range).

Lighttools® to fit Soft Egg Crates® are flame-retardant, interlocking cloth grids that give you real control of the softlight from your Chimera Lightbanks, Lowel Rifa-lites, Wafer Lightbanks, Westcott Lightbanks, Photoflex Lightbanks, Kino Flo Blanket-lites, butterfly and overhead frames.

Lighttools® to fit Soft Egg Crates® attach easily to the front of your existing soft lights with little change in the weight or balance of the light.


EggCalc determines the distribution of light from large diffusers at any distance, both with and without egg crate screens.

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