Daniel Desmarais

My Lighttools modifiers are at the core of my lighting equipment.

I use a 3'x4' softbox as my main light and when I want to narrow the beam, I use Soft Egg Crates. Using the Stretch Frame ensures my grid stays taut.

I love to "rimlight" and my stripboxes with the Soft Egg Crates are amazingly precise. I rarely need flags to avoid flare in my lens.


Bio: Photographer of the real, immediate moment.
Daniel's talent was revealed to the world in 2005, when at the time of the earthquake in Pakistan, he began using his lens to record what he saw.

To Daniel, reality exists to be slightly twisted. He is compelled to exercise artistic license, to model his photos, retouch them, transform them, and transcend them. Daniel eagerly abandoned himself to this task where his imagination sees no limits and where each encounter release new inspiration.

This energetic photographer-by-nature has, in a very short time, won the hearts of clients as celebrated and wide ranging as Cirque du soleil, Bombardier, Tourisme Québec, La Presse, Le Devoir, Géo Plein Air, Marketel, BleuBlancRouge and Sid Lee.

His shots have also been prized in Applied Arts, PDN and FPJQ competitions.