Reduced near-to-far ratio

The original Soft Egg Crates®, with uniformed parallel cells, block and control off-axis soft light according to how closely the cells are spaced. The reduced near-to-far ratio is created with original Soft Egg Crates® due to increased occlusion close to the source. At closer distances the light size, and output, is reduced proportionately due to the occlusion of the cells at that range. As the subject moves closer to the source, less light reaches them, because the angle of the outer cells blocks much of the light output. This occlusion is minimized as the subject moves further from the source, along the center-axis.

†Occlusion: Refers to the blocking of light by Soft Egg Crate cells at close distances.

The term "diagonal dimension" in the following charts refers to the measurement of the diffuser from corner to corner. The diagonal dimension can be applied to the charts below to determine occlusion percentages for any size diffuser.

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