The CUfocus® solution lights the subject with 100% of the source and tightly blocks around the desired subject area according to the cell size chosen. The effect of occlusion close to source reduces the effective size and amount of light reaching the subject. The significance of this is that soft light depends on the size of the source and the distance to the subject.

CUfocus® Soft Egg Crates® use specially angled cells to:
Provide full-source illumination at close distances.
Avoid spill in the most confined spaces by tightly blocking light around the desired subject.

Full-source illumination at close-distances is not possible with Original Soft Egg Crates due to occlusion.

what egg crates do

CUfocus® works by angling the cells to focus on a predetermined point close to the source. This point is calculated relative to the diagonal dimension† of the source. For example the 0.75 model creates a focus point at a distance of three-quarters of the diagonal dimension†.

Lighttools® offers CUfocus®, to fit standard size butterfly and overhead frames, for camera tests and rental. Custom orders to fit specific softboxes are also available.

†Occlusion: Refers to the blocking of light by Soft Egg Crate cells at close distances.
†For a more in-depth explanation of diagonal dimension see the Occlusion Revolution section.

CUfocus® Soft Egg Crate® models provide full, close source illumination combined with tight cropping around the desired focus area.

the only tool that allows for tight light blocking around the subject at close distance to the source
reduce setup and teardown time
transport and store crates easily
reduce manpower and grip equipment
spend more time on lighting design