Soft Egg Crates® attach to softboxes and butterfly and overhead frames.
Through the use of uniform parallel cells, our Original Soft Egg Crates:

  • Reduce spill by blocking off-axis light at right angles to the diffuser.
  • Reduces the near-to-far light ratio, which allows you to have more even lighting when a subject is moving towards or away from the light.

This more even lighting occurs due to increased occlusion† by the cells at closer distances.

what egg crates do
what egg crates do what egg crates do
what egg crates do

Cell size, measured in degrees, describes the maximum angle of the off-axis light. A 20° Soft Egg Crate® is our narrowest model, giving you the greatest ability to aggressively control light. At the same time this model creates the most significant †occlusion at close distances. The 60° is the widest cell size and, therefore, is the most modest light blocking tool.

The 30°/50° and the 20°/60° models offer two variations in a single Lighttools® Soft Egg Crate®. You can easily vary the amount of soft light spread in four directions by rotating these models of Original Soft Egg Crates°.

Reduced near-to-far light ratio

†Occlusion: Refers to the blocking of light by Soft Egg Crate cells at close distances.

High quality construction of the collapsible, lightweight Soft Egg Crates® means you can stay on schedule and budget without sacrificing quality.

  • Original Soft Egg Crate® models block off-axis light in four directions and reduce variation in near-to-far light values
  • create separation and depth
  • eliminate spill and flare
  • reduce near-to-far light value variations
  • reduce setup and teardown time
  • transport and store crates easily
  • reduce manpower and grip equipment
  • spend more time on lighting design

stretch frames give you better control with large softboxes

Stretch Frames® eliminate sag - to give you complete control - regardless of how much your softbox is angled downward.

Essential for larger softboxes, Stretch Frames are a one-piece, collapsible frame that are constructed with the usual high standards of all Lighttools products. When inserted into the softbox, the Stretch Frame creates rigid sides to keep the Lighttools Soft Egg Crate taut for 100% efficiency.

Quickly assemble Lighttools Stretch Frames® with a light shake that allows the bungee cord to pull the joints of the frame together. One Stretch Frame can be used for all Lighttools Soft Egg Crates of the same outside dimensions, regardless of their cell size.